Five Best iPhone Apps For Travelers

iPhone,worlds best smart phone ever created Is most preffered by bussiness man as its has got so many features to amaze and help bussinessman’s be it small bussiness or Enterprise and the reason they love iPhone is just because of one very simple reason thousands of “APPS” available in the app market.Though there are 1000’s of apps available which is good bu to choose from it becomes equally difficult!so to help you choose them this post discusses about the best 1Phone app availbe for Bussiness traveller!
First in the list comes Yelp!

Consider that you are travelling and you are not able to find a good restro or a hotel that suits your need?,imagine the condition you might be in at that particular moment! So to help you in choosing and finding a good hotel,restro,stores..etc Yelp is there!
Its good when you are at a new place wherein you don’t have anyidea of that place!

 2} Skype
Now,this is my personal saves my lot of bucks in roaming charges.Though you might be knowing about skype,if you don’t then skype is software wherein you can talk to your Skype Buddy for free anywhere in the world.

Though skpye also has premium membership which even allows you to call on Landline and Mobile numbers at a nominal charges!

3}CNN Mobile App

A news app which keeps you updated of the latest happening’s around the world and if you are into stock and financial market then this app is must for you!
A standout feature of this app is that if you find something interesting/it’s a breaking new then you might just recode the scene there and upload it using iReport and your video/story would featire in there news telecast!

4}Unit Conversion

A pretty handy tool which helps you in converting  of units! With this app you can conevrt currencies,weight,height,distance, etc etc.Currencies converter  is what the most bussiness traveller would need mostly.


When you travel to foreign it becomes quite an headache for you to keep track for your expenses,but that’s not the case anymore.Expensify helps your track of expenses! And the feature that I like the most  about this app is that you caneven upload receipts of your Expenses using your iPhone camera!

Personally I use all of them and love Skype the most because it just drastically decreases my cost.
Gupta Sumit

About the Guest Author:

This guest post is written by Gupta Sumit who is a part time blogger at iPad2,he’s area of interest includes iPad2,Wordpress,Blogging,Social Media Geo,SEO.


  1. Nice, and thanks for the tip! I loved the CNN app as well as Skype and the unit conversion apps, those come in so handy overseas. Can’t wait to check out the rest. My favorite though. as a DISH customer and employee, would have to be DISH’s TV Everywhere app…it let’s me watch live or recorded TV off my home receiver anywhere in the world I can get a 3G connection. Love it! Just perfect for kicking back in the hotel at the end of a long day and just unwinding.

  2. I relatively agree with these stuffs. When you traveling, these types of application would become useful for you. I didn't know about most of those apps besides of Skype.


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