How to Lock DVD or CD to prevent data theft

You must often think  to protect your data on CD or DVD from unauthorized uses. And many times most of us also feel like locking CD/DVD to prevent piracy of disc or loss of data. But , no need to worry now. A tool has been developed that will not only protect your data on the external media devices but also prevent it from being copied.
S S Power Disc Lock is a software that can be helpful to us in locking the removable media devices such as CD or DVD. S S Power Disk Lock has several notable features like prevent piracy of disc, burn the disk with lock and much more.

This software restrict the write access to external media devices like CD or DVD. We can restrict the access by locking the disc during the burning of the disc. One can also not extract the data from the disc if the disc has been burned with S S Power Disc Lock. And your data will not be encrypted or altered using this tool, in any way. We can also hide the data in the disc and make it invisible.

S S Power Disc Lock software is user friendly and its easily operatable . Just use this software for burning the disc. After burning the disc, you will be able to protect your data from unwanted uses. You do not need any special kind of discs, simple CD or DVD is required. Just follow the simple steps as guided and your devices will be protected.
The main function of this software is to restrict the copying of data from the removable external devices as well as deny the access to read the data on the disc.

The major features of S S Power Disc Lock are as follows:
  1. Burns the disc and lock the disc along burning process.
  2. Prevent the data from being copied.
  3. Prevent extracting of data from the disc.
  4. Hide the data and thus protecting the contents of the disc.
  5. Ability to easily cope up with the bad or unreadable sectors of the disc.
So, What you are waiting for. Download this effective software and make your personal things protected from others or from Whom you do not want to share your things.So, Download S S Power Disc Lock Software and give your reviews. To download, click here.

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