ShoutMeLoud Updated Theme For Blogger Customization - Part 1

Recently i designed the updated version of ShoutMeLoud for my readers.Because i downloaded the whole template from my blog so it will show my links in the codes.So, today i am here just to customize the template as you want.Below are the Customization that needs to done.Without customization it will blow away your visitors and also earned money because Google AdSense dipslayed in the template is of my pub-id.Today i am going to do all the customization my readers need for using the template easily.I am sure that after these customization you will face no problem.
So, Lets start by Logo!

Customization of Logo:

As we know that the logo is the important factor for any blog.The logo uploaded in this template is of Devil'sToolShop so if you want your own logo follow these steps.The things required to customize logo are:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 or you can use any software.
  • A little info (I provide).
  • A little time.

1.Download this image and save on your desktop.
2.After saving the photo open it with photoshop CS5.

3.Now create a new layer.
4.Select the brush tool from left hand side.
5.Select white color and remove the DevilsToolShop.
6.After removing select Text tool and Type your blog logo and stylify it yourself.
7.Now upload it to image host you use such as image shack etc.
8.Upload it and replace it with the url of the logo used in template.

The part 1 is complete,the other part will be published in next day.If you have any question just ask via comments and make sure to subscribe to don't miss the other awesome post!


  1. But I have a doubt. How you made your logo as exactly as shotmeloud's logo?

  2. @Sidarth
    I use Photoshop CS5 so it is very easy!

  3. abdulsalam ,

    bro i m waiting for the shoutmeloud template... its 3 days since i subscribed and still have not received my copy of template as promised be you...

    please send the template as soon as possible.

    My id is

  4. thanx for the template and customization... waiting for more updates on customizing the latest shout me loud theme

  5. Do you have this theme for Wordpress as well?

  6. which font you use in this logo

  7. Where is url of logo in the template how to find it !!! ;'( plz say

  8. Is this theme available for WordPress??

  9. @Mytechshout
    Sorry but this theme is not available for WordPress!


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