Add Elegant Style jQuery PopUp Email Subscriber Widget For Blogger

If you are regular reader of my blog you might have noticed a clean and elegant style jQuery popup box.If you cannot see the popup in my blog i advise you to delete your browser cookies.After you delete your site cookies again visit my blog to see amazing elegant style popup live on my blog.But please note that i am sharing this code for only to subscribers.If you don't subscribed to my blog just subscribe now using the box you see in sidebar.As i said "We serve Subscribers Exceptionally"

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  1. I had susbscribed to your feeds!!

  2. Hi abdulsalam,

    i m already subscribed to your blog.... please send me the code as soon as possible....
    meanwhile waiting for some more tutorials on sml template customization

  3. already subscribed ,my email : ..Pls send this..

  4. i am your subscriber please tell me how to add this beautiful popup. my email

  5. I'm in the queue for the code of the email subscriber widget :)


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