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Happy New Year to All ShareTheTricks readers today we want to announce that is giving away free kindle fire with New Trent IMP78B Leather Case.That Kindle Fire is just free for completing the tasks only.This New Year they planned to Giveaway KindleFire.I love kindle fire the most and i also participated in this giveaway.If you want to participate in this giveaway enter it here Dragon Blogger Kindle fire.

This Kindle fire is for reading,browsing and gaming purposes also.I like dragon Blogger the most i often visit.The design is simple but dragon looks more awesome.
Here are the sponsors of this giveaway
The Kindle Fire Giveaway contest hosted by Dragon Blogger technology blog is made possible in part by these awesome sponsors and you should pay them a visit and thank them!

Kindle Fire Giveaway Sponsors





  1. Thanks for entering the contest with your blog post entry, this is your official validation.

  2. @Dragonblogger
    I am really glad that you commented on my blog!
    Thanks Brother :D
    Thank you very Much!

  3. nice contest Mr Abdulsalam if need User's Manual link from the official site amazon difficult to open you can read and download from the Kindle Fire manual


  4. @freeforall
    I will surely use this after i get kindle Fire :)


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