The NEW iPhone 5 - Coming in 2012

The NEW iPhone 5 is the highly demanded mobile phones by the youth. Almost everyone is seeking to purchase an I-phone. I-phone looks terrifically stylish and sophisticated. Along with the high-profile looks, it also has incredible features such as 3G service, easy downloads, different web clips, multiple home pages, multi tasking etc. The NEW iPhone 5 is getting launched in the market in the month of July 2012. It has different functions, applications and other facilities such as

The NEW iphone5 rumours and I-phone blogs are the sites where one can get any kind of information about the phones and stay up-to-date with the upcoming features and models. Recent rumours say that the NEW iphone5 is going to get launched by the mid of 2012. This phone will have additional convenient features than its previous versions. This phone will be lighter, thinner and faster than the previous the new iPhone 5.

The new iPhone 5 news blog is a place where each and every information and updates about the new iphone 5 are mentioned. If one wants to see any information about the the new iPhone 5, the NEW iPhone5 news blog is the best option.

Important and Exciting Features of the new iPhone5

Some important features of the new iphone 5 are as follows:

  • One can rearrange the icons on the home screen according to his/her need. 
  • Web clips of the mostly used websites can be stated on the home screen. 
  • Appropriate location can be found elsewhere. 
  • One can buy music and movies from the Wi-Fi music store in the new iphone 5. 
  • One can send one message to several persons in just a tap. 
  • Movies and videos can be downloaded with the the new iphone 5.
Some more features of the NEW iphone5 coming JUNE 2012 are as follows:
  • It has a 4 inch screen.
  • It is very thin and has a slicker design.
  • Physical keyboard facility.
  • The security level is very high. It has a face recognition lock.
  • 3G and 4G services.
  • 8 megapixel cameras located at the back as well as front of the phone.
  • Battery capacity is very high. It is around 20 hours in 3G, 10 hours in 4G and the normal standby time is 1000 hours.
  • It provides 3D video display.
  • It is a SIM- less phone. It has 3 in- build antennas that support both CDMA and GSM services. Hence, one can switch to any network available.
The NEW iphone5 rumours say that the I-phone 5 will be having the exciting features like 4G services and 3D displays. The heat produced by this iphone will be lesser that the current a5 chip. I-phone 5 has not been released yet but according to the news, the NEW iphone5 will be released in the market even before I-phone 5. Apple has been continuously trying to expand its technological views and ideas by introducing featured the new iphone 5. The concept of 4G services will be of popular attraction. This iphone will be extremely thin and lighter hence, will look terrifically trendy and classic. 
The NEW iphone5 is expected to get marketed by July 2012 with an a5 chip that will produce lesser intensity than the a4 chip. The NEW iphone5 is considered to be a world phone and one can take it to any desired heights and quality. The NEW iphone5- coming JUNE 2012 will work like a mini tablet personal computer where one will be able to connect to several people at a time and maintain multiple files and folders. The NEW iphone5 will be the best phone in 2012.
Watch The amazing video of iPhone 5!

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  1. I don't think so that iPhone have a keyboard! and iPhone are always of touch screen.

  2. @Anonymous
    The Apple Team will decide that the iPhone 5 is with keyboard or not!

  3. I prefer the keyboard instead of only touch, it'll make easier to type a long.

  4. @anandsagar
    Everybody Has It's own liking!
    But, Thanks for the comment brother.

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  7. I don't knwo why everybody fall in love with apple...I thought apple would be doomed after the releasing of the 4s and not the 5. But everybody bought it? Why?! The hardware sucks, the price sucks, it's not an individually product(cause everyone has an Iphone) it's not campatible to non-apple products. So where are the advantages? And why promoting apple so hard,but samsung not?

  8. The most amazing phone i ever had is SAMSUNG GALAXY took over any brand with HD's, brighter and bigger screen...faster processor and good battery life...let see how good the iPhone5 will just an over price thing...maybe...

    1. Stay tuned with us to find more future updates about iPhone 5

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