Giveaway: Hire Me To Design A Logo For You For Free!

We are very proud of our day by day success on blogosphere and it is the time for us to giveaway some cool things to our readers.So i planned a giveaway via RaffleCopter.Only two lucky winners will get the logo designed by me.You can give me custom fonts and colors you would like to be added in your template.You have to complete the steps to win this giveaway.More steps you do the more points you earn.More points means more winning chances for this giveaway.Not Just a Giveaway but we have a jumbo Giveaway because you can get your logo designed according to your taste.If i design a logo for you but you don't like it then just say to renew it i will remake it as a part of policy in this giveaway.You have just 2 chances to renew the logo.
Just complete the following steps to win this giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Maybe i could win this giveaway for my new Blogging site!

  2. I own a blog which is just two months old and by the way I don't have enough funds to get a professional logo design from an expert logo designer. So, here I am trying my luck.. Hope I will win :D


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