Now Send Messages From Gmail To Mobile Phones

Recently while i want to chat with my friend blogger, he was offline.It was urgent but a message appears below my written words that "continue this chat over sms".Wow isn't that amazing.I tried to find his phone number but didn't find it on his profile.I wanna check that this really works or not? so i just typed my own number and sended a message to it.Hurahh! Yes i received the message, the same text i typed.But when i send the text message to my cousin it gives an error that phone is not verified.What Happened?
Then i get to know that it can send messages to some Mobilink (Pakistan Mobile Network) which i use.Google doesn't support all mobile companies but accepts a very few of them.
Mobilink is just the supported one in Pakistan till now.But you can check the list of supported mobile companies on country basis here.

How to send messages?
1.Open Gmail
2.Click on a person names whom you want to chat.
3.After clicking it just click "continue this chat over SMS"
4.Add a Mobile,Home or Work phone number and start sending messages.
Only 50 Messages can be send per day but if you want extra credit ask the person to reply to your Gmail message.
Please let us know that you enjoyed it or not via comments below his post.
Thanks for your precious time.

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