Redirect Country Specific Blogspot Domains To .Com

Blogspot recently introduced ccTLD (country code top level domain) it is a big threat to all blogspot users to remain on instead of using custom domain.But the problem is solved for all blogspot users that if you have a IN blog so your readers instead of going to .in will move to .com.Basically it is redirect script.It consist of just three simple steps.
I founded many websites on this blogging sphere (Blogospere) listening to the complaints about blogspot new redirecting system, because the new domain that is .in don't have any pr as it have no backlinks made by you for sure as this was a sudden change just after SOPA/PIPA act.This blogspot redirect will help Google to remove on just country basis not from other countries.If you want to survive from this jus follow my three simple steps!
Steps To Redirect .in to .Com
1.Go to Blogger Dashboard>Design>Edit Html.
2.Find this code in your blogger template using CTRL+F
3.Just below the above code paste the code given below,
<script type="text/javascript">
if ((window.location.href.toString().indexOf('.com/'))=='-1')
window.location.href = window.location.href.toString().replace('','').replace('','').replace('','');
4.Save your template.
Congo! you got your blog back with .com
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  1. Dude, i have tired many codes from top sites but the .in never changed to .com, appreciate your skills and now i have my blog back. million thanks. keep posting and have bookmarked!@boseSkills Assessment Template

  2. @Bose
    That is exactly what we aim for!

  3. Salam.
    Dear You've no idea what you've done for bloggers like me .Thanks A ton. I was really very worried about fb comments on my site, i couldn't moderate comments from india so i was about to remove fb comments. but now, no more users from .IN url :D waao. m soo happy.

    by the way can you help me on this that i am unable to receive comment notification on my fb profile. i've checked codes, they are from MBT so m sure no mistakes there. checked profile id, ap id. evrything is ok , then why no comment notification ?

  4. @Sahil khan
    Walaikum Asalam Dear!
    Thank you for your comment.I think Fb will solve the comment notification problem soon!

  5. @Abdulsalam
    So you are stating that its problem from Fb ? not from our side ? are you sure bro ? because people are commenting on my site i can see that but only when i go that particular post. other then that i am unaware who is commenting and where :( . please clear this confusion,


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