Google Nexus 4 Release Date in India - April 2013

The much awaited smartphone from Google - the Nexus 7 has been made available to purchase from Google Play Store india at a price of Rs.15999 .

As of now the device can be bought on ebay for rs.25000 , if the device launched officially the price will sure be listed below the 25k marks .

Indian market will not be that easy to make your device a hit unless you set the price reasonbly so that even a ordinary people can buy the nexus 4 device .

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People are more excited to welcome the nexus devices in India , but it would be so nice if the nexus 4 made its debut in India .

The Official page of Nexus 4 has stated that the Device will be launched soon in India. It is expected that the Nexus 4 will be available in Indian market from April last week 2013 .

One of Popular online retailer ,has listed Nexus 4 to be available soon in India . It was reported that the device will be available for purchase from april 22, 2013 , but it never happened .

There remains delay in bringing it to the indian market even after the device actually made its debuts back in 2012 .

We can see a lot of people are doing search for Nexus 4 release in India / Nexus 4 available in india / price in india etc .. all it says is , there is huge expectation fom Indian nexus lovers .

Lets wait for the official news about the launch of Google Nexus 4 phones in India .

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  1. In India nexus 4 is available on eBay at highly inflated prices. And the rumours about launch date of nexus 4 in India is being pushed since 7 months now... Just hope that it comes up by the end of April.


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