How to Ping Reliance NetConnect + Modem to keep Internet Connection always Active

How to Ping Reliance NetConnect +

If you are using Reliance NetConnect modem , then its usual you may face " Connection Not Available " or " Inactive " or your connection goes " Idle " . They're limiting the data packets to save the bandwidth , also they are not providing the promised speed in Hybrind Mode / HSD Mode , sometime there is no signal to the HSD . 

If you're not able to connect your Reliance N

1. Goto RUN > Enter " cmd "
2. Type : Ping -t

You will see following screen

reliance netconnect,inactive,ping

Reliance NetConnect+ internet connection often goes Idle when you don't use it for few minutes , and if you accessed any pages , then the request is sent and then the connection is re established .

So in order to Keep the connection always active or online, you can use the ping option , to continously  check the incoming data packets .

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