Download Google Plus Comments Plugin for Wordpress Blogs

Few days back we've got Google Plus Commenting system for Blogger blogs , which many of the blogspot blogs have adopted the new comment system .

It also has disadvantages of loosing all your comments, in case if you would like to revert it back to default or any other comments . So very few has moved to G + comments.

Wordpress users has searched for " Google Plus comments for Wordpress Blogs " , and to answer them with the what they need , CloudHero comes with the Google + comment plugin .
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He has implemented the plugin in his own blog , , and has also submitted to wordpress plugin directory and is awaiting for the approval .

If you wanna try the Google + Comment Plugin ? Download it here

If you like to given him any feedback , use the comment section or email him the features that you want to see in the Google Plus comment Plugin for Wordpress .

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