How to Check Factory Unlock Status of Android or iPhone Online ?

Factory Unlocked Status

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If you want to check whether your device is factory unlocked or not , here is trick that you can use to check it online .

1. Visit :

2. Now , Not down your Phone's IMEI Number by simply dialing : *#06# ,

3. Enter your IMEI Number on the website where it ask to yours and then wait a sec , 

4. You will now be bring to a new page where it have some information about your phone and then you will have an option called " SIMLOCK & WARRANTY " just click over it

5. Now wait for few minutes for the process to complete , now you will have the complete details of your phone status .
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Thats it .. Now check your iphone is unlocked on locked for a particualr carrier , and know much more about your device .

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how to check unlock status on iphone
how to check a phone is locked or not online

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