How to Disable Default No Image Thumbnail from Blogger

How to Disable " No Image " Thumbnail

When you change your blogger template to new one , you may face this issue , that the blogger designer may set to display image on each posts .

To explain this post even more , 

When you post article with image , Your Blog Homepage will display auto generated small thumbnail to the left of the article , 

If you don't add any image , the post will have a Default Thumbnail set by the Template Author / Template designer .

Most of the blogger template designer do is , just set a image which has " No Image " written on them , so How to avoid this case .

I want my blog to show image only if add them in the post . So here is the step you have to do ,

Steps to Disable Image showing on Homepage :

1. Goto Blogger Dashboard > Your Blog > Template > Edit HTML

( Before put your hand on the template , Please take back up of your template for your safe )

2. Now find this code , using CTRL + F ( try the first line in the search )

if(img.length<=1) {
   imgtag = '<div style="clear:both; margin:0 10px 10px 0px;float:left;"><img src="'+img_thumb_nosrc+'" width="'+img_thumb_width+'px" height="'+img_thumb_height+'px"/></div>';
   summ = summary_noimg;

I've given the image which i found on my blog template, 

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3. Now, Remove the Highlighted Code or the one i've given above , it is the if else condition to show image if you have not added them .

4. Save your Template and check your blog ! 


If you've " No Image ' thumbnail , just right click and copy its URL , and return to Edit HTML , 

press CTRL + F and Paste the Image Url , 

Now if you found the image, just Remove the url from your template , thats it.

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