How to Increase Adsnse Earnings ? Here are 5 Simple Tips to Improve Adsense Earnings

Simple Tips to Increase your Adsense Earnings

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Are you one of seceral millions of adsense publishers ? but don't see your adsense revenue what it should be for the amount of traffic you receive ?

There are several factors which affects the Adsense earnings like PPC , CTR , Num of Pageviews , etc ..

Here is some simple steps that you should focus on to increase your revenue from adsense .

  1. Place Ads Below Post Title , It can be a 336x280 or 460x78 Banner Ad
  2. Change Ad format to Image & Text or Only Text based on your niche ,

    There are some niche ,which will increase the number of clicks or CTR ( Click through ration ) if you set the AD TYPE to show ONLY TEXT ADS , and other which you should Set to Only IMAGE & RICH Media Ads.
  3. Change FONT & AD TEXT Color

    Change the AD text Title colour, Backgroud Color & Text Colour to match your blog/website content .
  4. If you've Three Column Style Template or Theme , Place SkyScrapper Ads on Left near to the bod content or to the right sidebar 
  5. Optimize your site to load Ads Faster than your Blog content , it should work better to receive more number of clicks .
Do use Simple Theme or template for your blog .

With that said , you just try those tips and if you have any other tips to share with , please do drop by your comments .

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