How to Make Money from Adsense with Free Facebook Traffic

Earn More from Facebook Traffic

Facebook is the largest Social networking sitesin the world with more than 700million active users , its growth is tremendous .

The main purpose of the post is to let you know the potential of Facebook , to make money from Facebook .

I'll be sharing detailed posts with brief explanation in upcoming posts ,for now i just outline in Simple .

1. Create a Facebook Page on in Trending and most searching topic .

2. For example you can have a blog on " Facebook Funnu Pictures " , Facebook Status Update messages , Facebook wall messages , Facebook Timeline Cover images free download , Facebook Tricks , Facebook Game Tips etc

3. What i'm giving you is an idea to get started , it may be anything but most important is " there must be fan following for that niche / topic "  you choose.

4. After you Created your Facebook Page , build more fans , for that you may invite your friends , and drop comment on other TOP & Popular FB Pages .

5. Once you gain enough say 5000 facebook fans , then proceed to next step .

6. Now , create a BLOG on the same niche you have your facebook page .

For example : If you have FB Page in "Facebook Funny Pictures" then create blog something like this -> ..

7. Once you done this , SHARE each of your Blog posts on Facebook pages , and then Sign up for Adsense , and have your ads displayed on the blog .

8. The more fans you build the more traffic you get from Facebook, it all depends on the like of the Picure you post on fb .

9. Update your blog regularly , dont post too much on a single day .

10. If you do all the above steps , then sure you will be earning big bucks each day and thats with Free Traffic from Facebook .

Make Money from Adsense with Free Traffic from Facebook . If you have any doubts left ? Do post your comments ..

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