What Wordpress Theme does Amit Aggarwal uses for his blog Labnol.org ?

Labnol.Org - Amit Aggarwal : the Pro Blogger in India use Wordpress as his core blogging platform , its very common for bloggers , mainly to newbie bloggers to know what kind of template or theme does a famous site uses .

By knowing that , the next thing they do is searching for the availability of those theme for free , like that many of the bloggers daily search for " Labnol Like wordpress theme for free download " , what is the name of theme used by Labnol ,  Labnol like template for blogger ..and the search goes on .

If you want to know the name of theme its ELEMIN ,

Labnol.org uses Elemin Wordpress Theme

The theme is developed by Themify.me , which is a Responsive Design looks simple in white , and the theme became famous only after the use at labnol.org

If you want the theme ? visit : themify.me and get the theme for your wordpress blog .

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