Smadav USB Antivirus Free Download 2013 - How to Clean Virus from Pendrive, Memory cards

Smadav USB Anitvirus Software

We may use PC Antivirus softwares like Avast, Kaspersky, Avira or windows bitdefender which protects our system , but we do have to accept that these antivirus softwares do not clean virus which comes through pendrives / usb drive / memory cards .

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None of the above mentioned softwares detects some serious virus found in usb devices like pendrive , memory cards, portable hardisk .

So we do often ask ourself , How to clean the virus from pendrive ? how to remove virus from memory card or the most common search " How to delete virus from pen drive / usb drive ?

the answer is " USE SMADAV "

Yes, its a simple antivirus tool specially developed for USB protection , it detects any virus that comes with the usb drives ,and clean them completely.

Features of SMADAV Antivirus Protection Software :

According to the smadav developers, it mainly does 4 functions,

1. Best USB antivirus software ensuring you total protection for usb sticks .

2. Smadav compatable with other antivirus softwares , so you can use this software along with your existing antivirus programmes.

3. Offline protection of your pc is at its best with smadav . No need to update often .

4. Detects and clean the virus leaving you no trace of any virus footprints .

Smadav has built-in feature to clean viruses which infects your pc , repair the reigstry , and protect from further damage caused by virus, trojans .

Protect your pc from this type of viruses WormShortcut, Cervical, MSO, Brontok, etc

you may download the antivirus from the official website we've given below , it is free to use, so share with your friends too .

Download USB Antivirus SMADAV : Click here

Source : TechGeekr - Smadav USB Antivirus Free Download

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