Bluehost is Down due to Server Issue, Sites hosted on Shared, VPS are Facing Downtime

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Bluehost the popular web hosting provider is facing server side issues and currently at the time of writing this article both Shared hosting, VPS hosting servers are down affecting many blogs.

Update : Bluehost and all its networks are UP Now

Blogs that are hosted on shared , vps, dedicated server environment are facing downtime , and many are complaining about the issue to the bluehost social media team at twitter, facebook.

Last time it was on August 2013, Bluehost was down for several hours , now its again , but who knows how long will it take to bring everything up and run smoothly ! :(

It's sadly bad for a reputed company like bluehost, more users trusted their service and so have signed up with a hope to have major uptime ( 100 % they assure at the time of sign up ) and less downtime ..

But what happens with bluehost now is , we do see major downtime more often than uptime :)

It seems,servers are down for more than 1.30 minutes atleast for me, ( yea, i host my blogs on bluehost vps )

Official site :

Here's an official tweet regarding the bluehost server issue .

Another from support handle ,

If you do have your site hosted on bluehost ? then please do check whether its working or not .

As per their tweet, network admins are working on the issue, we will soon able to see all the site working properly .

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