Windows 10 Preview Download for X86 , 64 Bit ( Direct Link ) Laptop / PC

Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview version to tech enthusiasts who're keen on knowing what's windows 10 all about ? And to find and submit Bugs and Issues with the OS.

Since it is just the Technical preview or the beta version of Windows 10 final version , so you may not be able to have smooth experience , you may see errors , bugs , issues with apps and so on .

The purpose of the windows 10 preview release is to let users know how cool is that the next windows os and to let users send their feedback on what to keep , what to remove or what to add as new feature in the upcoming windows 10 final release .

You may download the Windows 10 preview version for free using Microsoft direct links , and its legal and official links .

Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9841 Download X86 , 64 Bit

If you're not sure of how to install Windows 10 Preview on your laptop or pc , please don't just go ahead and end up with mess .

Go through articles on How to install Windows 10 OS on pc running windows 8.1 or windows 8 or windows 7 , so that you can have dual-os on your system.

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