How to Disable Double Tick / Read Receipt on WhatsApp Android App

Many of you may not like the new feature introduced by the WhatsApp which has " Read Receipt " by default .

So whenever you chat with your friend , he knows easily whether you've Read the message or not by "Double Tick" mark , this option is enabled by default and there is no option to disable or stop .

Just like you & me, many users sent feedback about this , and whatsapp has responded so quickly with a beta app that has made the feature as an option .

How to Disable " Read Receipt " on whatsApp ?

1. Download WhatsApp Beta App from official website : Link

2. Install and Open the App , Goto : Settings > Account > Privacy > Uncheck " Read Receipt "

3. Now, your friends will not see that you've read their messages .

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Source : PhonesCrunch

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